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Don't expect a miraculous transformation into a supermodel & I think you will be pleased

Ok, let me start by saying I need to lose about 10 lbs. My belly is pretty chunky as most of my weight goes there. So I was excited to try a belly wrap. I used these every other day for about 8 hours a day. They are easy to use (take middle tab off of sticky part first, apply to belly, then pull off the side tabs, way easier to apply that way) and way more comfortable to wear than I expected. I did not get overly hot. However, I wore it one afternoon while doing yard work in the 90+ degree weather, so I put a waist cinch over it because I knew it would sweat off if not. That worked just fine. Now, this is not going to make you lose weight. Diet & exercise are the only things that will. But......I did notice a tightening of the skin and the slightest reduction in flabbiness. So I have to say that these do work, as long as you don't expect them to perform a supermodel stomach miracle. They do what they say they will do, are comfortable & easy to use. I would use them again. I received a promotional discount in exchange for using things & leaving my honest opinion. ∗

by Stephanie Sikes on Blank Business Name
Skin is slightly tighter with these patches. Would love some booty cheek shaped ones

I was very excited to get the opportunity to test and review these body patches because I do have some stubborn belly fat that I want to get rid of. They come in a pack of 5 and the directions on the package indicate:1. Clean and dry the skin.2. Open the package and paste the slimming patch surrounding the navel. Keep away from wounds.3. Apply slimming patch every 2 days. Wear the slimming patch for 6-8 hours.4. The slimming patch will have better results used together with diet and sportsIngredients as listed on the package:All patch ingredients are natural herbs and plant extracts.SOPHORICOSIDE (It's Japanese tree extract for anti-obesity and fat burning)CAPSACIN (It's a chili extract that destroys cellulite)CAFFEINE (Destroys cellulite and brings body elasticity for firming effects).CATECHIN (Prevents body fat).FAR INFRARED AND NEGATIVE ION (Improves metabolism and blood circulation)Each patch is sectioned into 3 parts for peeling the clear film off. I found it easier to apply the patch by placing it on my skin with the clear film still attached, then starting on one side, peel, apply and work my way across. These patches have super stickablity and can double as a hair removal patch if they are yanked off quickly. Once applied, the patch is comfortable to wear and not really noticable underneath clothing. The outside of the patch is soft and has kind of a "felt-like" feel to it.When I wear the patch, I look nothing like the model in the photo on the package. I'm thinking that model must be really tiny because I have way more tummy than patch showing. I hope that these will eventually come in a plus size and maybe have 20 patches in the pack with some booty cheek shaped ones. I wore these as directed and started noticing a slight difference on about the 3rd and 4th patch. The skin is smooth and abit tighter. These aren't an overnight miracle but I find the slight tightening effect is hopeful. I would probably order more of these later if they are on sale.I received this item either complimentary or at a discount price for the purpose of testing and review. This review is based on my own personal experience with the product and is my honest unbiased opinion. I am in no way affilated with the company/seller nor have I received any payment. ∗

by Lauren on Blank Business Name
Lost an inch in two applications

Wow. I had seen these body wraps all over instagram and I thought it was nothing more than plastic wrap and heat to make you sweat water out. I was proven wrong with these wraps. They are a little hard to apply on your own (I have a short torso and I came close to sticking the adhesive on some hair that I did not wish to be ripped out) so I had to have my husband help me align it right. I left it on for 8 hours and could feel the warmth as soon as it went on. I will say that it was a little painful taking off because the adhesive is so strong. My stomach was pink for a few hours after. I did lost about an inch by the second time that I used one of the wraps so I am pretty impressed! There is capsacin in the wrap and that helps burn the fat. I would use these again!!**Disclaimer: I received this item in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. ∗

by delina sorrels on Blank Business Name
They Work!!!

Do these things really work? YES! It really works. I would apply mine before I went to bed to ensure that I had it on for at least 8 hours. I was a little surprised that it really works because I have tried "It Works" and it does not work. But These wraps do work!The only thing that I do not like about them is that they don't cover my whole stomach and it feels like I'm pulling a giant band aid off my skin. This thing is super sticky! However, there is no sticky residue left on my skin.I included pictures for wrap #1 and wrap #5!Overall, I've been quite impressed that they actually work! A great product! Product was provided for free for unbiased review purpose. ∗

by Gabriel on Blank Business Name

Wow just used the wrap and I can already a difference after only 4 hr 45 min (didn't keep it on as long are you supposed to smell the wrap I couldn't smell anything to see if it was actually botanicals on the wrap?) . Anywho, I can tell a difference by me zipping my pants it was very tight earlier now it isn't. I breath easier and my tummy is very soft. I would say this product works . ∗

I've tried a lot of different diets and supplements and some have worked really great. I also started working out and doing yoga

I've been trying to lose the weight I've gained since having my son, I've tried a lot of different diets and supplements and some have worked really great. I also started working out and doing yoga but still my stomach is not completely flat, so that's when I started reading about body wraps and it seem very intriguing.I've tried a clay body wrap before and I like it but it was just too messy and time consuming for me, I have a toddler so I needed something mess free and fast! That's why I love these body wraps, they are 100% mess free and they are very easy to use! All you do is apply the wrap to your stomach like a sticker, it's seriously that easy! This pack comes with 5 wraps and you use it every two days so in total this is a 10 day pack. Another thing I really like about this product is that it is directed for your stomach but you can use it on other parts of your body!Overall this product has worked for me, my stomach feels so much more toned! I highly recommend this product!I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. ∗

by Neha Sultan on Blank Business Name
Great to tone and firm tummy area!

These wraps are great to tighten tummy area and also smooth the appearance of skin by toning loose skin. I have lost weight and had loose skin on tummy area and these wraps helped to firm the skin. What I like best about the wraps is that it is easy to use and no mess, I have tried some detox wraps and it can get messy with water dripping all over clothes. I used it as instructed and kept the wrap on for 6-7 hours, overnight preferably or as soon as I am back from office. These wraps along with healthy diet and exercise has helped me get toned ad firm abdomen, I feel more confident now. Drink lots of water it helps with detoxification process.I received the product free in exchange of my honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. ∗

by Ashley N. Klibe on Blank Business Name
Amazing little product

I will start by saying my stomach looks nothing the lady on the box. I am definitely a little lumpy. These wraps are amazing. They were easy to apply with instructions. They bond well to the skin to the point where I actually showered after a work out while still wearing the patch. I noticed after about the 3rd patch that my stomach had become more shapely. I did lose several inches. I was lucky enough to get this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Even though i did get a discount, customer service was prompt and very sweet in their reply to my inquiries. I look forward to trying more products from Thin Botanicals! ∗

by Melanie on Blank Business Name
I think this product really works!

A recent trend I’ve been seeing lately is the process of using wraps to lose weight. After having my son, I worked very hard to lose the baby weight and have been working on maintaining it for the past several years, but my tummy could definitely use some toning up. I saw this wrap from Thin Botanicals and thought, why not?I am kind of skeptical about trying out new fads but here is my honest opinion of this product and how it works:*Warning! I am going to post before and after pics of my belly to show you the actual results because I want you to know the truth. And yes, I know how pale I am but I am not going to be held responsible if you go blind. You’ve been warned.*It comes in a pack of 5 belly wraps. You apply the product to your tummy like a sticker and there is a hole for your navel. The first time I tried it, I put it on upside down, but you will want the longer portion below your belly button. I am short but have a fairly long torso. I don’t know if one size really fits all, but on me, it covered the areas I needed it to. It has a very pleasant scent. Sort of like a cinnamon herbal infusion. You are supposed to wear it for 6-8 hours a day every 2 days. So after wearing it upside down on my first day it was time to take it off. Holy mother of pearl, that thing hurt to pull off. If you have any hair on that portion of your body, you won’t after you take it off.But I have a tip that I accidentally discovered with the 2nd use that I will share with you. So the 2nd time I tried the product, I again put it on upside down. *I never said I was bright* But I took a closer look at the picture and realized I did it all wrong. So I removed the wrap (which doesn’t hurt after you immediately apply it) and put it on correctly. After wearing overnight, it didn’t hurt nearly as much after I peeled it off. So on my 3rd use (yes I finally got it right by now) immediately after applying wrap to my body, I then peel back the sides one or two times before putting them back in place. It really makes a big difference, at least to me.I just finished using up the product and the photos show my after results after using the as directed for 10 days.You know what? At first I didn’t really notice a huge difference when I looked in the mirror, because I see myself every day. But after seeing the before and after pictures, I think it helped quite a bit! While I don’t know if it really helped my metabolism or made me lose weight, I can tell you for sure the skin on my tummy feels super smooth now. I am happy with the results.Disclaimer: I received this item free in exchange for my honest review. ∗

Closer to beach body ready.

I have wanted to loose weight so bad i do work out once a week. But sometimes i get so busy with life i cant do it. I have been seeing theses weight loss things everywhere i know this is a different brand but when i was asked to review it for a unbiased review i jumped on it. It comes in a cardboard type packing with a girl in a swim suit. It has all the info all over it to tell you. It says on the back to do not use this if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Also says not to use it during their menstrual period. Which is nice to know.This wrap is very easy to apply it helps destroy cellulite. It will help with inch loss. and also will increase your metabolism and blood circulation. This wrap is 100% natural herbs so nothing to be worried about. What i really loved that is with one package you get 5 wraps unlike the other companies that make theses things. To apply it clean your skin then dry the area. Open the package and remove the backing off the wrap and apply it to your stomach. Apply this slimming patch every 2 days. Make sure you wear it for 6-8 hours. What i did is i applied clear wrap to make sure the wrap stayed in place. you don't have to do this but i did. I really loved how theses feel on my body. You will still need to work out theses will not make you loose weight over night. If you would like to get yourself theses amazing wraps for half the cost of the other ones going around then place your order now. I took theses photos as soon as i received the product. ∗

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